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Energy Efficiency

By utilizing a highly efficient natural gas-powered variable speed engine to drive dual scroll compressors, the YANMAR VRF system can reduce electricity usage by up to 90% compared to traditional air conditioning systems.


Environmental Benefits

Natural gas as an energy source produces significantly lower amounts of harmful emissions: 80% less NOx, 100% less SOx and 35% less CO2 than coal.  By utilizing natural gas, YANMAR's VRF technology not only helps preserve precious energy resources, but also reduces harmful emissions.


Economic Savings

With lower operating and infrastructure costs and greater efficiency, the YANMAR VRF system offers substantially lower system lifecycle costs compared to electric systems on the market today.  In fact, our VRF system reduces overall running costs by 30-70%, depending on local utility costs.

Product Information

Visit YANMAR for product models with photographs and specs. 

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