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Manufacturer Webinar Series: Raypak's Live Virtual Product Training

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By Kaitlyn Sheaves on November, 19 2020

Our manufacturing partner, Raypakis providing high-quality learning experiences all from the comfort of your own homeRaypak’s Live Virtual Product Training Courses. These contact-less training courses are designed to provide you with expert knowledge along with  insider tricks and tips. The best part? Raypak is making these training courses FUN and EASY with weekly courses, easy sign-up, interactive sessions, and rewards just for completing the course! You won’t want to miss it!   

Here are the classes that are currently offered:  

XVers Condensing Boilers, 856-3006XVERS Commercial Boiler Training Series 

  • This is a three-part training series designed to update and increase your knowledge and understanding of the most critical technical details of the extremely versatile XVERS condensing fire-tube boiler.  
  • Topics covered include: Major and minor components, sensors, systems, and controls as well as offer best practices on how to properly install, startup and preform preventative maintenance.



Raymote Contol SystemRaymote Control System Training Series 

  • This is a three-part training series designed to update and increase your knowledge and understanding of one of the latest technological innovations-Raymore. This "smart" Raymote control system empowers service professionals with a mobile and web-based capability to remotely monitor and control Raypak boilers, water, or pool heaters from anywhere. 
  • Topics covered include: Initial setup, managing a Raymote network and sharing best practices on how to effectively perform service through the Raymote solution.  



Part I: Digital Gas Heater-Technical Product Overview 

  • This is a technical product overview of Raypak's legendary Digital Gas Pool & Spa Heater. Their expert product trainers will walk you through the Key Features, Functions and Benefits of the Digital Gas Heater.  
  • This product overview will also highlight their new, cutting-edge Pro Tek Shield module.  

Part II: Digital Gas Heater-Installation 

  • With a working knowledge of the benefits and core components of Raypak's most popular pool heater, now it is time to install it...properly.  
  • In this 2nd session of their 3-part technical training series on Raypak's Digital Gas Pool  and Spa Heater, they will cover everything you need to know for a successful installation. They will cover the following key areas: Water, Gas, Air, Electrical and Programming

Part III: Digital Gas Heater-Troubleshooting & Service 

  • In this final session of their 3-part series on the Digital Gas Pool Heater, their product trainers will do a "deep dive" into all the technical details required to effectively troubleshoot and service Raypak's most popular heater.  
  • They will cover error codes - what they mean, what may be causing them, and how to resolve them. They will also share best practices for ensuring smooth and effective operation with detailed technical explanations that clarify the "WHY" behind everything we recommend. 

Pool/Spa Heaters, 206A-406A

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