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Why Every Commercial Building Needs a Combustion Analyzer

Posted by Kelly Patterson on Jan 18, 2018 8:47:49 AM
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AERCO Combustion AnalyzerBuilding systems equipment is expensive. And when the temperatures dip below 40 degrees (F) or soar above 80 degrees (F), it’s important that your HVAC systems are running efficiently and safely for the comfort and health of all your building occupants.

An in-house combustion analyzer can help your maintenance team test your building equipment for compliance with national standards.

  • Determine 02, CO and Co2 combustion efficiency. Why is it important that these be measured? If your technician takes a reading and the number is off what he expects, you know that safety or efficiency, and perhaps both, are compromised. A combustion analyzer will help your team determine the cause of the problem in the combustion process. This means your chances of extended downtime are limited and possibly even eliminated.

  • Measure NOx levels. Some combustion analyzers offer an optional NOx sensor. Some jurisdictions require building owners to measure NOx to comply with local building safety standards. Instead of hiring a contractor to come out and ensure you’re in compliance, you can use your own combustion analyzer to do the job for you.

  • Detect CO leaks. Carbon monoxide is odorless, colorless and extremely toxic. Because humans aren’t wired to detect its presence, CO can kill your building occupants before they are aware anything is happening. According to the EPA, in low concentrations, it causes fatigue in healthy people and chest pain for people with heart disease. It is critical to monitor combustion equipment to be sure your CO levels are within the acceptable standards.

  • Assist with reporting. Regularly using an in-house combustion analyzer will allow you to keep your monitoring records up-to-date. You can print reports directly from your combustion analyzer.

  • Keep your building “green.” Using a combustion analyzer helps you increase your boiler efficiency which helps minimize atmospheric and indoor air pollution. Consumers, governments and building owners everywhere are recognizing that small efforts toward maximizing efficiency go a long way.

We know it’s important that your commercial buildings are efficient and safe. Updating your building tools, including monitoring devices, can help your equipment last longer, stay efficient and, most important, keep your occupants safe and comfortable.

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