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Topic: Water Purification

HVAC System Contamination: Solutions to a Dirty Problem
By Kelly Patterson on May 8, 2018

Air and dirt are big-time attackers of closed-loop HVAC systems. Heating and cooling your system water can be more difficult with air and dirt...

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4 HVAC, Water and Plumbing Tips to Ensure Healthy School Environments
By Kelly Patterson on August 16, 2017

School environments are a critical part of student learning. Some studies show that classroom temperatures do potentially influence student test...

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Drinking Pond Water:  Our Sales Engineer Tests Electroadsorptive Filter
By Kelly Patterson on May 25, 2017

Clean water is a big issue today for building owners and design engineers all over the world. Fortunately, commercial buildings now have options to...

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Lessons from Flint:  Why Water Purification Solutions are Critical in Commercial Building
By Kelly Patterson on May 22, 2017

Most people have heard of the water crisis in Flint, Michigan. But how many of us in the commercial HVAC and plumbing worlds stop to think of the...

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