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A Look at Why the Riello Array Has Won So Many Awards

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By Laiken Kuykendall on January, 30 2023

In terms of efficiency, redundancy, and reliability, the Riello Array is the new standard in boiler technology. Array boilers feature multiple heat exchanger modules that provide high turndown (up to 40:1) as well as multiple boiler redundancy in a single unit. Installation and commissioning are made easy with Array's single platform, regardless of output. The Riello Array commercial condensing gas boiler is suitable for installation and retrofitting projects and features the following:

  • Indoor modular condensing heating units, with horizontally arranged stainless steel exchangers and premixed gas burners
  • Equipped with a technical cabinet in aluminum and painted panels, thermal modules of 105 kW or 131 kW, and system accessories
  • Compliant with ASME, UL Directive
  • Low polluting emissions 

The Array received two awards at the New Product Competition at the MCEE 2019 Trade Show in Montréal, Québec. The Array boiler was the winner of the Hydronic Heating and/or Air Conditioning Products category and was also selected as the 2019 New Product Competition Grand Prize winner. These are the first such industry awards for the Riello Group in North America, and represent its commitment to innovation, efficiency, and safety in mechanical and electrical installations.

Additionally, the Array boiler was highlighted in the June edition of Engineered Systems magazine. Find out why one Missouri college chose the Array Boiler as the most suitable solution for its needs. Due to the college's desire for redundancy, they investigated the possibility of installing multiple boilers or an array-style boiler. Installing multiple boilers would require more floor space and cost more money (double piping connections, double flue and vent connections, double electrical connections, and more control points). Their final decision was to install an array boiler, and the Riello Array won hands down with three 500-MBH modules, a 15:1 turndown, low NOx emissions at 3% O2, internal controls to ensure the heat exchangers do not rise above a certain temperature, and a low noise level (48 dB per module), an invaluable feature in a library.

At Heat Transfer Sales, we are proud to represent a manufacturer as fine as Riello. Contact us today to discuss your boiler needs. 

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