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3 Advantages of Packaged Process Steam Boiler Systems

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By Kelly Patterson on April, 5 2021

Almost every major industrial process these days requires steam systems. A variety of manufacturing processes, heating and sterilization, distillation, moisturization, humidification, and propulsion drive applications require steam. Steam generation dates back to the first simple steam engine designed by the mathematician Hero around A.D. 75. The first water-tube boiler was patented by John Blakey in 1766.  In short, steam has been around for ages and we're becoming more and more capable of harnessing its power. 

To the uninitiated, the usage of steam systems can be intimidating at best. To others familiar with steam systems, complacency can be a danger. However, there are a series of advantages in purchasing and installing a packagcsm_IMG_0447-bearb_b905f0ff7eed process steam boiler system.

  1. Great for tight spaces. Packaged feedwater, water treatment and blowdown equipment are all of the necessary support components needed to supply your steam boiler in just one compact skid. This is especially helpful for retrofit applications where you can’t just blow out a wall of a mechanical room but, instead, need to fit all of your equipment into an existing space.

  2. Reduced site installation time and costs. Utilizing a packaged system decreases the need for expert labor in the field. There has been an increasing shortage in skilled labor over the past decade. According to Associated General Contractors of America, 52% of companies are struggling to fill openings for laborers, carpenters, and equipment operators. Additionally, since no coordination of complex accessory components is needed, it saves valuable job site time.

  3. Increased reliability. Packaged steam systems offer critical factory-tested functionality before the skid ever reaches your job site. Our manufacturing partner, CERTUSS, will completely assemble and test your package on the manufacturing floor before it ever arrives to your job site. Testing is a crucial part of a steam system install to prevent any unexpected issues post-installation.

Main features included on the CVE (CERTUSS Verified Equipment) supply unit include:

  • Duplex water softener
  • Chemical dosing equipment
  • Stainless steel insulated feed water tank
  • Steam injection feedwater preheating
  • Optional softener effluent monitoring
  • Blowdown cooling vessel
  • Steam separators and trap set
  • Feedwater pressure boosting pumps
  • Control panel

If you’re still looking for reasons to get a packaged system, the CVE is lightweight, which is suitable for positioning on a mezzanine floor with steam generators. It offers an easy-to-use central control panel for single site connection. Additionally, it has galvanized and coated framework for durability.


With 14,000 installations in over 130 countries CERTUSS has built a reputation for safety and reliability worldwide. The CERTUSS journey in America began in 2014.

If you're looking for steam solutions, HVAC hydronic equipment, or engineered plumbing solutions, connect with your local manufacturer's rep.

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