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3 Benefits of VRF Heat Recovery Systems

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By Kelly Patterson on May, 12 2020
VRF systems

VRF Heat RecoveryThere are a wide range of cooling systems available for different applications.  Some work better than others, depending on a wide variety of factors too lengthy to go into in a short blog post.  One of the biggest complaints in building office spaces is related to HVAC comfort.  How many times have you heard that conference rooms are freezing while office spaces are stifling hot?  One way to combat the complaint is by using a variable refrigerant flow heat recovery system.

A variable refrigerant flow (or VRF) heat recovery system solves the problem of spaces that are too hot and spaces that are too cold by controlling the amount of refrigerant flowing to evaporators, depending on the thermostat controls in each of the conditioned spaces in the building.

A YANMAR VRF heat recovery system allows buildings to have up to 29 separate zones for heating and cooling.  That carries the potential for a lot of happy - and comfortable - building occupants. 

Three benefits of a VRF heat recovery system include:

  1. Simultaneously heating and cooling different spaces using the same HVAC system.  This can be critical if you have large conference rooms that can hold a lot of people who generate a lot of body heat or south facing office spaces that require more cooling while at the same time having small cold office spaces that need additional warmth.
  2. Recover heat from one area and move to another space that requires additional heat, with no additional large energy expenditures required.
  3. Limited outdoor space is required for these systems.  VRF heat recovery condenser units are compact, allowing for installation in areas that have less space.

Check out the YouTube video from Yanmar below for more information on the YANMAR VRF14-ton Heat Recovery unit. 


If you are wondering if a VRF heat recovery system is right for your application, contact your local manufacturer's representative.


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