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5 Reasons to Work with a Growing Manufacturer’s Rep

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By Kelly Patterson on November, 18 2022

Size is no indication of how well a company will perform. The smallest one-person consulting firm can have extraordinary customer service, while the giant behemoth could leave customers disappointed and unhappy with results. However, there are a few reasons why working with a growing HVAC manufacturer’s rep can be in your project’s best interest.  

Heat Transfer Sales have been around since 1971 and have grown steadily for the past 50+ years. However, in 2019, the company opted to become a part of the Hoffman family of companies led by the Greensboro-based Hoffman & Hoffman, and it has shown no signs of slowing down since. Since 2019, the company has expanded into the state of Virginia with a few manufacturers and, recently, announced that they have acquired the assets of Peacock Sales Company in Atlanta, GA.  

That’s excellent news for the company, but what impact does that growth have on HVAC design engineers, building owners, and contractors? Let’s take a look at some reasons why working with a growing company is a benefit for customers. 

  1. Equipment access. Growing companies tend to have more sales. More sales mean more leverage in vendor relationships and, potentially, better access to equipment. If a company has a couple of warehouse locations scattered over a multi-state footprint, it may be more likely that they have stock to replace a worn-out boiler or a valve that’s hard to find.

  2. Relationships. Growing companies have more people. If you have an urgent HVAC equipment need and your company contact is in the middle of a vacation to the outer reaches of West Africa with no cell service, you can connect with another friendly, helpful soul. Call the customer service line. Call the guy you met at the training seminar they held two weeks ago. If neither of those people can help you, they will get on the phone and find someone who can.

  3. Premier manufacturing partners. Everyone loves a winner. And the best manufacturers want to work with companies who are reaching more customers. Manufacturers want to sell boilers, pumps, and water heaters. It only makes sense that they want to partner with companies who have multiple people helping to design commercial systems that need boilers, pumps, and water heaters. HVAC equipment manufacturers with high-efficiency, quality equipment want to work with partners who are reaching more customers in hospitals, schools, universities, office buildings, and hotels.

  4. Training. Many growing manufacturer’s reps are focused on offering continuing education. They know that relatable, relevant training on industry concepts like hydronic system design, HVAC pump selection, choosing and specifying condensing boilers, simple piping systems, and more are critical for HVAC design engineers.

  5. Resources. Growing companies have additional resources to help make doing business with them easier. Have a question about an invoice? Connect to a member of the accounting team. Looking for a part? Customer service can help! Need help with shipping? An inside sales rep is standing by, ready to assist. There is a lot to be said for ease of doing business. Growing companies have the resources to help make all transactions just a little easier for everyone. 

We did say that size often has no bearing on how customers are treated. But size does have its benefits. Working with a growing company with additional resources can be a huge benefit for your next hydronic systems design project or equipment replacement project.  

Need help on a project? Connect with one of our local sales reps to discuss innovative solutions that might be the perfect fit. 

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