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5 Ways Top Employers Award Impacts HTS Customers

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By Kelly Patterson on June, 25 2019

businessncbestemployers2019Heat Transfer Sales was selected as one of North Carolina’s 2019 Best Employers by Business North Carolina Magazine.  We’re pretty excited to announce this is the fourth year in a row that our company has received this honor.  

If you’re one of the engineers, building owners, contractors, or manufacturers reading our blog, you might be thinking that this award doesn’t really impact you.  After all, you don’t work at Heat Transfer Sales.  Why would you be concerned that HTS has been named one of North Carolina’s top employers?

I’m willing to put in the argument that this award significantly impacts every one of our customers and manufacturing partners.   Here’s why:

  1. Customer service is better at HTS.  Studies show that employees who are happy in their work environments treat customers better.  Tracy Maylett, CEO of DecisionWise and co-author of MAGIC: Five Keys to Unlock the Power of Employee Engagement, has stated that there is such a thing as The Law of Congruent Experience.  This means that employees will deliver a customer experience that matches their own experience in the organization.  Happy employees offer better solutions for their customers and are more concerned overall about the customer experience.

  2. Productivity is higher at HTS. In general, people who are happy tend to be healthier.  This means fewer sick days.  Fewer sick days translate to people who are at work, engaged in getting projects complete and ensuring that deadlines are met.  Additionally, an article in Forbes magazine claims that employees who are happy at work put in more effort. Higher productivity from your manufacturer’s rep means that your work is getting done when you need it.

  3. Innovation potential. Believe it or not, there’s a connection between happiness and creativity.  One study published by the National Institute of Health concludes that positive emotions “promote discovery of novel and creative actions.”  It only makes sense that someone who is happy in their work may find it easier to find innovative solutions to problems.  Additionally, a 2018 article in Forbes magazine claimed that stock values increased almost 19.4% in companies where morale was high, as opposed to around 10% in other companies. Innovation by happy employees can make marked results on the business bottom lines across the board.

  4. Happiness is contagious. Our business doesn’t operate in a vacuum.  Employees at HTS have regular contact with a variety of departments and people in a broad spectrum of businesses.  If one of our technical sales consultants has a positive interaction with a contractor on a jobsite, it’s going to have a good effect on that contractor and on his or her interactions that day.  If our customer service representative has a great conversation with your facilities manager about a replacement part, it’s going to have a good impact on his day.  It’s a snowball effect and it happens every day at HTS.

  5. It’s easier to work with happy people. When someone is positive and encouraging, it makes working with them that much more pleasant.  The old sales adage is true: people are more likely to do business with people they like.  It’s just easier to like happy people. When you engage with someone who likes their job, who loves their company, and who is backed by a strong sense of support, you know it. 

We’re proud of our record of winning this recognition for the fourth year in a row.  We don’t intend to stop here.  Now that we’re part of the Hoffman family of companies and 100% employee-owned, it’s bound to get even better.  We want to keep striving to be one of the best places to work so that our employees, our customers, and our manufacturing partners continue reaping the benefits of happy employees in the workplace.

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