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Environmentally Friendly Water Filtration Systems from Triple Clear Water Solutions

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By Laiken Kuykendall on July, 21 2022

Triple Clear provides water filtration systems for commercial, industrial, and consumer markets. Their solutions provide cost-effective, energy-optimized systems that deliver safe, purified water for potable and HVAC use. Triple Clear's technology uses science to create a "force field" over the holes in the filter. This force field can keep out viruses and bacteria but has no effect on the flow of water. 

Force Field Filters are designed to reduce Legionella in water by 99.99%! Among the greatest Legionella risks are cooling towers. Triple Clear filters can be easily added via a side flow from any point in the water circulation system. In most cases, they are located in the mechanical room off of the pumps or on the roof of the basin.  


Another high-risk place for Legionella growth is water storage tanks. When water stagnates, the risk of contamination increases exponentially, so it is imperative that stored water is inspected for safety before it is reintroduced to water supplies. With Triple Clear's Force Field Filters, the ultimate water risk management solution is available whether you are circulating water via a side stream or filtering the full flow on the effluent side of the tank.  

It is typical to keep stored water at 140 degrees to inhibit Legionella growth. For code compliance, it must then be mixed with cold water as soon as it exits the tank to avoid scalding.  

In other words, you waste energy and money by heating and storing water 20 degrees higher than necessary and then cooling it immediately upon exit. To make matters worse, 140 degrees does not kill Legionella; it merely inhibits its growth. It starts growing again as soon as it is mixed with cold water. A Triple Clear System will remove 99.99% of Legionella from water using no chemicals and no electricity. 

Triple Clear's water solutions are much more cost-effective than maintaining high water temperatures. In addition, Triple Clear removes system-clogging grit and microorganisms, heavy metals like lead, and cellular debris that develops into biofilms and undermines efficiency. 

Triple Clear’s water solutions solve the most common, and most difficult, water purification challenges. Heat Transfer Sales can work with you to get pre-packaged systems are plug-and-play and provide an exceptional return on investment. Including a Triple Clear system will increase the efficiency of your water heater and other HVAC equipment. Contact us today to learn more!  

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