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How Do We Celebrate Fix a Leak Week?

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By Kelly Patterson on March, 18 2019
Water is energy

Water is energyWater is our business, so we take every opportunity to remind colleagues and friends of its importance. March 18-22 is National Fix a Leak week. An entire week is set aside to celebrate water by reminding us not to waste it. Those little drips add up to a significant amount of money and wasted resources. Keep in mind how much energy goes into moving water and how much water goes into making energy. Save water and you save energy. It can be easy being green!!

Our drinking water is one of the most processed, treated, and traveled items we utilize daily. Let’s be more responsible for it. Think about the trip your drinking water has already taken just to get to you. Every drop has traveled thousands of miles before it gets to your tap. Don’t waste all that effort by letting it drip by!

Check out what the water from Charlotte, NC goes through before it gets to local faucets. This water journey is similar in most municipalities around the country.  (Image from City of Charlotte.)


Here are some common places to find leaks in commercial buildings:

1.  Toilet leaks.  Toilets in commercial buildings may get more use than any other piece of equipment in your system.  These leaks can be easy to fix if caught early but can become a major problem with long-term water loss if ignored!

2. Faucet leaks.  Parts and pieces of faucets can wear out.  This is one of the most common and the most neglected leaks in a commercial building.

3.  Plumbing leaks.  Broken sewer lines and damaged or ruptured piping can be a major leak headache in commercial buildings.  Since these leaks happen inside walls, they can be difficult to detect until the leak really becomes a problem.  If you notice that water usage jumps unexpectedly in your commercial building, you may have leaky pipes.

Without getting too preachy about water conservation – we’ll stick to leaks. Follow this link to learn great ways to catch and stop those leaks.

Reducing all those nuisance leaks adds up. That water savings will reduce the load at the municipality, allowing them to keep delivering the greatest tasting and finest quality water to you at the same low price.






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