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Is Your Facility Ready for Summer?

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By Kaitlyn Sheaves on April, 8 2021

Summer is right around corner, and I think we are all ready for the warm weather. But is your facility ready for the summer heat? With the temperatures risingyour HVAC equipment is going to start working a little harder to keep your facility safe and comfortable for building occupants. This can often bring extra costs and added frustration due to increased energy consumption. However, this can all be reduced with a little bit of preparation. We are here to help, because we know your top priority is saving time and money, while keeping building occupants happy 


Here are a few tips to ensure your facility is prepared for summer:  


Ensure you have scheduled preventative maintenance for the busy season: Regular, routine maintenance will save you time and money in the future by improving the performance and safety of your HVAC equipment for long-term use. Preventative maintenance is known to prolong equipment life, decrease downtime, improve reliability of equipment, and decrease unexpected equipment failures. With preventative maintenance, your facility will be prepped and ready to run with efficiency during the summer months.  

Make sure your facility is equipped with proper humidification equipmentDuring the summer, proper humidification in your facility is crucialRespiratory issues often occur due to the heightened allergen triggers and summer heat causing discomfort to your building occupants. These respiratory issues can become even more uncomfortable when a building is lacking moisture in the air, which is often caused by the increase in the use of air conditioners and fans in the summer months. Luckily, there is an easy fix! With the proper humidification equipment, you can add moisture back in the air, counteracting those respiratory issues. The ES Series Electric Humidifiers from Pure Humidifier may be a great choice to make sure you have comfortable air for your building occupants this summer!  

ES Series

Consider making any necessary upgrades in the Spring: If your equipment is outdated and not working as efficiently as it once did, now is the time to upgrade. There are a few reasons for this. For one, if your equipment completely gives out in the middle of June, it may be difficult to get service right away. HVAC service companies tend to be booked during the summer months with the increase of equipment failure in the heat. It is better, for both you and the service company, to install new equipment in the less busy spring months. Another reason to make an upgrade in the spring is so that your equipment will be running with high efficiency by summertime. With the equipment working overtime in the heat, spring is a great time to make an upgrade. 


For any questions about how to prep your facility for summer, please contact your local HTS representative.  

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