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Why Gas Fired Humidifiers May Be Right for Your Building

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By Kelly Patterson on October, 22 2020

As a building owner, comfort and quality are always at the forefront of your mindIf you are concerned about using chemically treated boiler steam for direct humidification in your buildingor the high energy costs associated with electrically generated steam humidifiers is not in your operations budget, then Pure Humidifier “GX” Series Gas Fired Humidifiers may be the right fit. The “GX” Series Humidifiers utilize a stainless-steel heat exchanger, which allows for a gas power burner to be used as the energy source for producing steam from tap water. 

Benefits of the GX Series Humidifiers: 

Ease of Maintenance: Side entry heat exchanger can be removed without removing the cover and injection tube system 

Efficient/ Energy Savings: Produces combustion efficiencies up to 85% 

Capacities: Capacity range up to 900 lbs/hr with single units 

Dispersion Method: Straight injection tubes, Fast-Pac, Insty-Pac multiple injection tube assembly, and Blower Packs for area dispersion are available 

Having a hard time deciding which model is best for you? Look at the unique features, directly from Pure Humidifier to help you decide! 

GX Series Features 

The “GX” Series Gas Fired Humidifier works with standard water and uses a Tri-Probe assembly to maintain water level. The power burners can be used with either natural or propane gas. 

  • 304L stainless steel construction 
  • Tri-Probe water level controller 
  • Adjustable surface water flusher & automatic drain system 
  • Motorized drain valve with brass body 
  • Seasonal End of Use Drain system 
  • INTAC® Microprocessor 

GXDDR Series Features 

The “GXDDR” model is for use with Deionized, Demineralized, or Reverse Osmosis water. It utilizes a stainless-steel float-operated fill valve to maintain the water level, and a stainless-steel float-operated low water cutoff switch. The power burners can be used with either natural or propane gas. 

  • 304L stainless steel construction 
  • Stainless steel float-operated fill valve 
  • Stainless steel overflow standpipe 
  • Stainless steel manual ball valve drain 
  • INTAC® Microprocessor 

GX Series Resources

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