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World Refrigeration Day 2019

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By Kelly Patterson on June, 26 2019
World Refrigeration Day

shutterstock_176319239At the Hoffman family of companies (which now, happily, includes us here at Heat Transfer Sales), we're dedicated to safe, sustainable, and energy efficient applications of cooling.  Whether it's keeping you cool in these torrid days of summer or keeping your beverage of choice frosty, the cooling process often relies on refrigerant.  Refrigerant is the life's blood of the cooling process.

Our manufacturing partners are continually at work on new system designs, refrigerant chemistry, and research.  We are always looking to increase performance and decrease total refrigerant charge in every application.

Rest assured, refrigerants are not going away.  We've become accustomed to sleeping in a cool room during hot summer nights, enjoying fruits and vegetables shipped from warmer climates that don't spoil overnight, and drinking delicious cold water.  Those are only a few of the advantages that cooling (and, often, refrigerants) provide.

Enjoy World Refrigeration Day!  Have a cold one!  And remember that we're always thinking of you while we keep an eye out for the latest innovation in refrigeration, hydronics, and engineered plumbing. 

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