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Seismic BreakAway Hanger Product Overview

Posted by Kaitlyn Sheaves on Jun 5, 2020 8:04:25 AM
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seismograph through buildingAre your pipes equipped and ready for a seismic event? While we hope you never experience this, it can happen. Earthquakes aren’t a frequent occurrence here in NC, where our company is headquartered, but the largest quake to hit happened in 1916 with a magnitude of 5.2. That is a strong enough quake to feel like a truck has hit the building!  In 2003, a 4.5 magnitude quake in Richmond, VA was felt all the way to the south in Raleigh, NC.  Even though our area doesn’t experience the same kinds of seismic events our friends in the western part of the U.S. have, it’s still important to plan for them so your pipes don’t get bent out of shape during the occasional earthquake.


Our manufacturing friends at Metraflex came up with the perfect solution and they highlighted this in their series, “Essential Product Knowledge… From a Distance.” Watch the video and read a few of our takeaways below!


Episode Seven is hosted by Metraflex’s Jim Richter and discusses the details of the Seismic BreakAway Hanger.

Here are a few of our takeaways:

  1. Metraflex created the Metraloop®, which is made specifically for thermal expansion and seismic movement.
      • The Metraloop allows for tons of movement, while making sure pipes do not break.
      • The Metraloop is installed with a hanger.Seismic BreakAway Hanger
  2. The short hanger rod, which is what the Metraloop was often installed with, was not allowing it to move like it should, so Metraflex created the Seismic BreakAway Hanger.
    • The Seismic BreakAway Hanger allows it to flex how it needs to.
  3. When an earthquake hits, the Seismic BreakAway Hanger will pull apart on it’s own, allowing for a full range of movement.
    • It has a tether so that it does not go too far.
    • After the quake, the Seismic BreakAway Hanger can be reset, ready for the next event.
  4. The Metraloop and Seismic BreakAway Hanger are available in many different sizes and allow for custom applications.





If you have any questions about Metraflex products or applications for projects, you should contact your local manufacturer’s rep.

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