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3 Reasons Building Owners Choose Prefabricated Hydronic Skids

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By Kelly Patterson on July, 26 2021

Prefabrication and modular construction are becoming more and more popular as labor, time, safety, quality, and cost constraints continue to plague the construction industry. According to a 2020 report by Dodge Data & Analytics, the top benefits driving the purchase of prefab or modular units are improved productivity and quality on the job site. Additionally, jobs are positively impacted with budget and schedule improvements using these resources. The Dodge Report also found that the top three vertical markets most likely to rely on prefab and modular construction included healthcare facilities, hospitality, and multifamily units with colleges and universities, low-rise office buildings and K-12 schools following close behind.

The team at Pump’nFlo is focused on upfront planning with detailed technical drawings, hydronic and engineered plumbing equipment selection and ordering, and preventing costly delays with factory planning and coordination. The Pump’nFlo system designers use the latest hydronic industry technologies to meet the unique needs of every project. The experienced technical team assembling the packaged solutions have the skills needed to install each piece of equipment.


On the surface, it seems like most building owners would choose the multiple benefits of purchasing prefabricated solutions like those offered by Pump’nFlo often.  However, if building plans don’t call specifically for a prefab solution, many building owners don’t even consider the option and will go the traditional route that includes all the potential headaches.


Let’s break down three of the main reasons building owners cite for choosing prefabricated pumping packages.

  1. Build quality: Job sites are busy places filled with a variety of people. Sometimes, contractors experience a lack of qualified installers or perhaps their technicians simply don’t have experience with specified equipment. By selecting a prefabricated pump package, building engineers can work with the manufacturer to ensure that the system is designed specifically for the application. Then, certified technicians accustomed to working with the specified equipment will ensure that each component in the system is installed properly before it ever arrives to the job site. Building owners can rest easy knowing that the installed package is right for the application and that each piece of equipment is installed according to manufacturer specifications.

  2. Time constraints: In every building project, there are inevitable delays. Equipment might be delayed from a manufacturer. Skilled labor shortages can often cause additional delays. Many times, contractors are up against a wall trying to ensure that project delays don’t derail the building site completely. Using prefabricated solutions can help contractors and building owners eliminate at least some of the on-site delays since the fabrication is done completely off-site with the skid manufacturers dealing with purchase orders, equipment shipments, and installation. The prefab unit arrives to the job site when expected and ready for installation into the complete system.

  3. Skyrocketing budgets: Using prefabricated units eliminates surprise or hidden costs.  The complete project is engineered and estimated well ahead of time so the contractors and building owners know the cost before the project begins. Since the likelihood of time delays and labor constraints is off the table, there are generally no additional costs cropping up, skewing the overall budget.

These are just a few of the reasons building owners choose solutions like Pump’nFlo packaged solutions. Creatively approaching energy, quality, efficiency, and system performance needs is a strength of many prefabricated solutions. If your project can use the added benefit of utilizing prefab hydronic systems, contact the Pump’nFlo team.




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