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5 Things About Hydronic HVAC Systems You May Not Know

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By Kaitlyn Sheaves on February, 25 2021

HTS Blog (4)With an ever-evolving industry, our hydronic HVAC solutions are getting smarter and more efficient  and it’s not slowing down anytime soon. If you’re reading this then I have no doubt that you probably know what a hydronic HVAC system is, and perhaps even the ins and outs of how it works. But I’m going to give you a little refresher, just in case. A hydronic HVAC system utilizes water as the primary fluid to transfer energy throughout the building. This hydronic system can consist of pumpsboilers, water heaters, storage tanks, and so much more.  

Here are 5 things about hydronic HVAC systems you may not know: 

  1. Hydronic HVAC equipment tends to be more energy efficient than traditional systems. It takes a lot less energy to circulate water than it does to blow out hot airHydronic systems circulate temperature-controlled water through pipes to heat and cool spaces.  Because water is a better heat transfer medium than air, hydronic heating can be a more energy efficient heating system.  Additionally, the temperature of a hydronic cooling system’s water only must be a few degrees beneath the desired indoor comfort temperature, making it a very efficient option.  And we all know what energy efficiency leads to: saving money 
  2. If you use a hydronic heating system in your space, you might save yourself from unnecessary allergies. Air systems blow air to heat up a space, causing dust to be blown around the area. Even with filters and good cleaning practices, it’s nearly impossible to get rid of all the dust. With a hydronic heating system, there won’t be the unnecessary dust blowing around, allowing allergy sufferers to breathe with ease.  
  3. Hydronic systems are known for being a clean and safe option for HVAC solutions. Similar to the point above, hydronic systems just don’t create dirt. Hydronic systems are also obviously fueled by waterSince our bodies are composed by up to 60% water and about 71% of the earth is water-covered, I can’t think of a more natural option to heat with!  
  4. When you use a hydronic heating system, you’ll be able to talk to other people in the building without raising your voice to compensate for loud equipment. Because hydronic systems don't have fans or blowers, they operate quietly. They’re so quiet, you may forget you even have aHVAC system constantly working to keep your space nice and comfortable.  
  5. In many situations, hydronic HVAC systems are easy to install and allow for a wide range of design flexibility. The need for ductwork evaporates when you install a hydronic HVAC system, saving a lot of space. Instead of bulky ductwork, your hydronic HVAC system uses pipes that run through your building in the walls or ceilings.  

Hydronic HVAC systems provide a lot of benefits to building owners, facility managers and engineers, but they also bring a lot of comfort and happiness to building occupants. With a hydronic HVAC system, you will save money in the long runsave time with installation, and keep your building occupants safe, healthy, and satisfied. It’s a win-win for everyone!

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