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What Are the Best HVAC and Plumbing Parts to Keep On Hand?

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By Elizabeth Safran on February, 22 2017

IMG_20160628_111304222.jpgThat’s a question we get pretty often here in the parts department.   These customers quickly become my personal favorites because they are planning ahead. I love customers who plan ahead! It means no one has to go crazy when a pump seal goes or an ignitor needs to be replaced in a boiler. All they have to do is replenish their spares and we can roll on – easy peasy.

So, just to help out, I thought it would be a good thing for me to list a few generic things to have on hand as spare parts.

Taco Pumps

  • Seal kit. Quick note – if you have a Taco pump that has a model number beginning with 16 or 19 (i.e.: 1919C or 1635B) all those pumps take the same seal kit and shaft sleeve. So if you have three or four of these pumps (1600 or 1900 series), it’s a good idea to get a seal kit and shaft sleeve or two to have on hand
  • Bearings (if pump is not close coupled)

Weinman/Crane Family Pumps

  • No seal kit is available for most of these pumps, so they have to be purchased individually
  • Seal
  • Casing Gasket(s)
  • Deflector
  • Shaft sleeve (pump may or may not have one)
  • Any other gaskets (seal gasket, etc)
  • Bearings (if pump is not close coupled)

Raypak Water Heaters/Boilers

  • Again, this will depend on which particular unit you have
  • Ignitor & Flame Sensor OR pilot assembly (depends on model)
  • Header gaskets
  • Seal kit for header pump (if your unit has a header pump)
  • Extra control board

Aerco Water Heaters/Boilers

  • Aerco has created an annual and 24-month maintenance kit for most of their units. We recommend having these on hand as well as an extra flame sensor & ignitor for emergencies.

These are just a few of our manufacturers. We have a lot more and we’d be happy to help you figure out what spare parts should be kept on hand. After all, it makes life a lot easier when you’re prepared. If you purchase a new piece of equipment, ask your salesperson to contact us in the parts department once you’ve gotten the item on order. We can get you a list of part numbers and prices that you can keep and refer to for as long as you have the equipment (pricing may change, of course but you’ll have a ballpark figure).

Or you can call the customer service department with your model number and serial number and we’ll be happy to get you a list of recommended spare parts. Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll try our best to help!

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Post originally published July 2016.

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