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Metraloop Expansion Joint Product Overview

Posted by Kaitlyn Sheaves on Jun 12, 2020 8:02:39 AM
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Our manufacturing friends at 
Metraflex know their way around a loop! Episode Nine from their mini-series is hosted by Keith Gettelfinger, who dives into the details about the infamous Metraloop®.  


Here are a few of our takeaways:  

  1. The main reason to use the Metraloop is to significantly decrease the anchor loads. This leads to less guiding requirements.  
  2. The Metraloop can handle all types of movement, even from seismic events. This also includes thermal expansion, thermal traction, off-set and building settlement.  
  3. Keith discusses details of different kinds of loops. 
    • Metraloop or U-shaped loop: This is the most standard loop. One big reason that may prevent use is the large B dimension, which can sometimes have trouble fitting.  
    • The V LoopThis is shaped like a “V”, which allows the B dimension to be shorter and the A dimension to be a little longer. Therefore, this can be used when the Metraloop won’t fit. Note: You can nest these, but not always. Follow this rule: If the center to center dimension of the pipe in the rack (A) times 0.3 is less than the distance between OD of the insulation (Gap B), the standard V-loops will not be able to nest. Custom V-loops will be required.  
    • The Dog Leg:This is shaped like a “L.” It is inline, which means you need to have a 90 in your line. This replaced the Corner Loop to reduce on space.  
  1. Always allow the return fitting to move! If you do not, then you will not get the full benefits of the  This can also lead to a failure.  



If you have any questions about Metraflex products or applications for projects, you should contact your local manufacturer’s rep. 


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