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Benefits of Infrared Heating

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By Kelly Patterson on May, 1 2020

In 1938, Günther Schwank invented the world’s first gas infrared radiant heater, when many people were heating commercial buildings with boilers and furnaces that put heat into the air.

How are infrared heaters unique?

Your average air heater works by heating the air within the space. Once the air is heated, then the warmth can be felt by those within that space. As you can imagine, this can lead to a long lag time between activation and desired temperatures.

While infrared heating offers immediate heating and warmth. The infrared heat waves pass through the air so that most of the heat generated by overhead infrared heaters can be absorbed by people below.

Schwank states that infrared heating technologies imitate how the sun heats the earth. Just like you can feel the warm sun on a cool day, you can also feel warm in a cold space with Schwank overhead infrared heaters. Watch the video below for a visual! 

What are the benefits? 

· Superior Energy Cost Savings: Since most heaters work by heating the air around them, they run longer. Infrared heaters use a precise beam to warm building occupants directly without having to heat the entire room. Think about how long it might take to warm a warehouse with 50,000 square feet using conventional heating methods.

· Supreme Comfort Levels: The heat is focused directly on building occupants with fast-acting heat rays that immediately warm. Think about sitting outside on a warm, sunny day.

· Flexible Design and Installation: Because infrared heaters don’t need duct work or piping to supply heat, installers can install with quickly and efficiently exactly where heat is needed.

· Lower Overall Carbon Footprint: Infrared heaters use less energy and require less infrastructure to operate, thereby decreasing the overall carbon footprint.


Click here to view Schwank’s infrared heating options.

Contact your local salesperson to discus the best infrared heating solution for your next project!

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