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Manufacturer News:  Acorn Controls Introduces Automatic Temperature Monitor

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By Kelly Patterson on February, 5 2016

Acorn_new_product.pngAcorn Controls recently introduced the ATM, or Automatic Temperature Monitor.  No, you can't get cash out of it..but it can certainly be of great help to facilities that require a higher level of bather safety and protection, typically provided by a domestic HW temperature monitor and alarm.

The Acorn ATM includes:

  • A microprocessor-based programmable controller with three displays, one each for:
    • Process Temperature
    • Alarm Setpoint
    • Status Indicator
  • A separate but integral warning light and key activated buzzer on/off switch.
  • A stainless steel enclosure with optional wall mounting brackets
  • A thermocouple sensor and 10 feet of sensor wire
  • A 24 VAC transformer – an electrician is not required for the installation
  • Options include:
    • Thermocouple tee and adapter
    • Solenoid Valves
    • Water Hammer Arresters
    • 10 foot lengths of thermocouple wire
  • Programmability that includes:
    • A primary (warning) and secondary (danger and/optional shut-off) alarm
    • Password protection
    • Alarm type
    • Sensor Calibration Adjustment
    • And more….

For more information about this product, contact your local Acorn Controls representative (that's Heat Transfer Sales in the Carolinas). 

Click to download product  comparison chart and  submittal information


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