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Allison Hamilton

Allison Hamilton is the Marketing and Events Coordinator for the Hoffman Family of Companies. She enjoys learning about the HVAC industry and meeting new people along the way.
4 Benefits of Switching to a Hydronic HVAC System
By Allison Hamilton on December 6, 2022

Have you ever considered a hydronic HVAC system instead of a traditional air-based system? Depending on your needs, a hydronic system might be your...

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Troubleshooting Mechanical Room Noises
By Allison Hamilton on August 19, 2022

Mechanical boiler rooms can have numerous noises going on at all times. When you hear a noise that isn’t part of the normal mix, it’s important to...

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Gas vs. Electric Boilers: What’s the Right Choice for Your Project?
By Allison Hamilton on April 13, 2022

As technology evolves, we’re seeing a wider range of boiler options throughout the hydronic industry. Today, two of the top choices in the industry...

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