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Topic: Manufacturer Information

Manufacturer News:  Metraflex Re-Engineered the Y Strainer November
By Kelly Patterson on November 8, 2016

We think the LPD Y-Strainer is so important that we thought we should re-post this blog, originally posted in March.  If you haven't heard about...

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35 HVAC and Plumbing Manufacturers to Celebrate on World Manufacturing Day
By Kelly Patterson on October 4, 2016

For the vast majority of recordable time on earth, humans produced the items they needed by hand. Tools were crafted with slow and painstaking steps....

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Manufacturer News: TACO Offers Training for Hydronic Heating and Cooling Installers
By Kelly Patterson on September 29, 2016

Re-posted from TACO Comfort SolutionsThe Radiant Professionals Alliance (RPA) is pleased to announce a partnership with Taco Comfort Solutions to...

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Commercial HVAC Green Options and Money Saving Opportunities for Commercial Buildings
By Joe Britt, PE on August 12, 2016

Republished post from December 2015 Dedicated Outside Air Systems (DOAS) are quite common today in commercial HVAC building designs. A big reason for...

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Manufacturer News: AERCO MFC Series Boilers
By Kelly Patterson on August 3, 2016

Last year, AERCO launched the MFC (Multi-Fuel Condensing) Series boiler line to address the growing demand for larger condensing boilers and back-up...

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Manufacturer News: AERCO Annual Maintenance Notice
By Kelly Patterson on July 15, 2016

Summer is the ideal time to perform preventative maintenance on boilers. Successful preventative maintenance programs improve the performance and...

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Insights for Engineers: AERCO Compares Boiler Efficiencies
By Tyson Williams on June 29, 2016

Originally posted on website

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Manufacturer Insights:  Suggestions for Long Term Pump Storage
By Tyson Williams on June 20, 2016

Have you ever received a pump before it was ready to be installed on a job? Have you ever purchased a new pump to serve as a “plug and play” back-up...

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Manufacturer News: Raypak Owner's Training for Hi Delta Water Heaters
By Kelly Patterson on June 10, 2016

It's important to understand the component locations and functions of your installed water heater.  In this video designed for Raypak Hi Delta...

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Manufacturer News: AERCO's End-User Training
By Elizabeth Safran on June 8, 2016

Let’s say you’re the maintenance manager at a hospital. In the middle of the night, a boiler faults and you’re suddenly dead in the water.   You can...

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